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Being responsible matters at Homesense

Responsible Sourcing

Alongside our environmental initiatives, we are committed to operating responsibly and regularly review our approach, setting standards for ourselves and for those with whom we do business.  

Our Vendor Code of Conduct outlines our expectations of merchandise vendors on issues including working hours, safety in the workplace and wages, and we have a long-standing Global Social Compliance Programme. 

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Our responsible sourcing initiatives cover a variety of areas


We have removed certain significant contributors to ocean waste plastic from our stores and offices including single-use plastic drinking bottles, straws, cotton buds, plastic cups and non-biodegradable wipes.

We offer a range of reusable bags designed to be used again and again.

No Fur Policy

We've had a no fur policy since 2003 and we do not knowingly sell items that contain real fur of any type. In addition, we do not knowingly source products containing angora (rabbit) fibres.

Feather and Down

For feather and down products, we remain committed to pursuing a policy of no live plucking or force feeding and to seeking accredited third-party certifications including or equivalent to the RDS, TDS or Down pass.


We are signatories to the British Retail Consortium's Childrenswear Guidelines, which state that we will not sell clothes that are not appropriate for children to wear.

Decency Standards

We are careful that the products we sell meet standards of decency, never knowingly selling products that contain offensive language or imagery.

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