A Wabi-Sabi way of life

A Wabi-Sabi way of life


Move over Hygge and Lagom – there’s a new trend in town. Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese philosophy that celebrates imperfections, rustic simplicity and understated style.  With a new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to embrace the ‘less-is-more’ mentality of Wabi-Sabi. Out with clutter, in with the natural textures and clean lines of this humble movement.

Perfectly imperfect


If life’s too short for matching underwear, it’s definitely too short for matching mugs. Wabi-Sabi isn’t about your home looking pristine but more about making everything work together harmoniously – a trend after our own heart! Where else can you find mismatched furniture and one-off accessories of all colours, shapes and designs? Sounds like Wabi-Sabi and Homesense were made for each other.


Natural does it


Take inspiration from the Far East and fall in love with raw materials, soft grey hues, ceramic accessories and a sprig of greenery. For a clutter-free mind and space, keep technology out of view by picking up storage made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or slate. Materials that weather and wear over time are ideal; dinks and dents only give unique pieces more character. 


A touch of you


Tell a story with your interiors. Get a warm fuzzy feeling every time you enter a room when your walls are decorated with rustic frames that hold photographs or mementos that mean the most to you. From collecting vases in unusual shapes to a cutlery draw full of different metals, pick up original accessories in Homesense for lots less and move things around every few weeks to keep it fresh. It’s the small touches that’ll transform your home into a Wabi-Sabi haven.