University August 2019


Remember when you used to wrap them up in a warm, fluffy towel post bath? Bring them bowls of soup when they were poorly? Empty their laundry bin even though you’d asked them to do it a million times? You won’t be there in theory, but you can be there in spirit by preparing them with everything they need to get by;


Cleaning products: Will they actually clean? Of course, they will
Picture frame: Add a photo of you here
Bedding: Reassurance they’re safe & warm
Clock: They’ll need an actual clock now you’re not around
Laundry bin: Admit it, you’ll miss emptying this

Here at Homesense, we’re not quite like anywhere else.

Whether you’re a modernist, maximalist, Scandi-enthusiast or in a rhapsody over boho, we’ve got aisles and aisles of everyday essentials and fab finds, all at irresistible prices.
From must haves to just-loves and *shrugs shoulders* just-because, switch up your space until it’s just the way you want it. We don’t have a house style, so you can play with yours.

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