Summer evenings - May 2019

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to style a soiree. From al fresco accessories and gorgeous glassware to colourful cushions and faux plants, we’ve got it all.

Social butterflies, here’s the Homesense guide to hosting the garden party of the summer for a whole lot less…

Food glorious food

The way to every guest’s heart is through their belly so don’t scrimp on the snacks. You’ll find everything you need to feast al fresco ­– even the nibbles themselves! The Homesense Food Emporium is stacked with snacks from around the world (and maybe even a summer beverage or two!)


Take a seat

Top party priority: somewhere to sit. Whether it’s a chic stool to perch on or cushions scattered over colourful throws, seating will set the tone for the evening. Who knows, it might even lead to an old-fashioned game of musical chairs? We’re game.


Make it Insta-worthy

Did it really happen if it doesn’t make it to Instagram? Serve up your grub on pineapple shaped plates, get your guests sipping from jam jars and string those fairy lights from every surface. If you really want to make sure your party goes down in history, make a DIY faux flower wall to frame those summer selfies and watch the likes pile in.