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Bedroom January 2020


The big sort out

There’s nothing like a new year to make you channel your inner Monica Gellar and get things nice and organised. Whilst we’re not suggesting 11 towel categories, there are some simple, stylish (not to mention super affordable) ways to start sorting. Here are a few of them, to help you get started. 

For your beauty bits 

Messy make-up drawer? Go full-on Mrs Hinch and pick up some of our draw dividers, so you can separate your eyeshadows from your primers. We can confirm it’s oh-so-satisfying. Pick up our little pots for storing brushes and nail files, too.  

For that bathroom shelf

Bathroom shelves have a habit of acquiring bits n bobs (by which we mean, things you probably should chuck but convince yourself you might need). So give them the appearance of at least looking organised by putting everything in baskets – wicker ones, wire ones, canvas ones. You name it, we’ve got it. Problem solved.

For the (endless) toys

With little ones comes a whole lotta mess. Pop in for some of our pineapple shaped, polka dot and sparkly baskets and boxes (to name a few), perfect for storing those never-ending stacks of games and toys. 

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