Made to do good in Uganda

From handmade crafts to delicious coffee, there will be a range of Ugandan products on sale in all of our stores from 16th October 2017. We have been working with communities in remote areas of Uganda to help provide a vital income, enabling children to go to school. The income received from the sale of two baskets could pay for a child to attend school for a term.


There are very few schools in the remote mountainous regions. Where there are schools there are often over 60 children per class, teacher shortages, few books or materials and makeshift classrooms.

We have supported education facilities and developed a sustainable trade programme which helps parents increase their income from coffee, cocoa, cotton and craft.

TK Maxx and Homesense have worked with communities to help develop their knowledge and skills, leading to increased yield and better quality crops.

Parents have a more reliable and better income, allowing them to save for school fees and materials. Since 2008, enrolment in these schools has risen from 53% to 93%.

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