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Drive Action - July 2021

Hand claps and hallelujah! Isn’t it amazing to be able to see our gorgeous friends’ faces all together again? If you’re planning a dinner-party, soiree or candlelit extravaganza-to-remember, why not up the fun-ante with ooh-nice new homeware, tasty foodie treats and party games galore? Take your entertaining to the next level with these fab ideas…

Truth. Truth. Lie!


When your guests get all enthusiastic over your amazing pooch-decorated dinner plates, do you let on that you got them for an irresistible price? Try this game for a giggle: It’s called ‘Two Truths and a Lie’.



Am I… Donald Duck?


Is this polite chit-chat in another dimension? Or a perfect party-starter to play over starters? Get to know each other’s alter-egos– and powers of deduction – with a classic round of ‘Who Am I?’




Set the scene


Try fancy canapes (like these mini baked spuds) on posh platters, exotic mocktails (like cranberry and raspberry) in classy cocktail glasses and choose from more party decs than there are rays from a disco ball to create that perfect party atmosphere for your gorgeous, long-lost guests.



If the music stops…


The fun starts! With a top prize of a luxury notebook (snapped up for a jot) or a smelly candle (no whiff of a high pricetag), you can slip in a few extra little pressies between the layers too, keeping interest piqued as you pass the parcel round the room.



When one thing leads to another…


Love your new coffee table? Dust off your domino sets and show it off as the backdrop for some serious, competition events – ever played Chickenfoot or Muggins?