How to create your own wall of frames

So, you’ve found the perfect picture in Homesense at up to 60% less*. Here are a few of our handy hanging hints.

- Picture hanging hooks are ideal for domestic-sized art. Find the right hook for the weight of your frame – it’s as easy as one, two or three nails.

- Two hooks are better than one – for security and staying level. If your picture has D rings fixed to the back of your art (metal D-shaped rings that hook neatly on to picture hooks), use these instead of wire or string as it this helps prevent frames from sliding – no one like a wonky frame!

- Always use a spirit level and ruler to ensure all measurements and fixtures are level (makes Homesense!)

- Get an extra pair of hands. It’s a good idea to get someone to hold your picture in position so you can step back and check you’re happy before you pick up your hammer!

- Single masterpiece or wall of frames? How you hang your collection is up to you, but the experts position single frames so the centre is at eye level. When arranging lots of smaller pictures, start from the middle and work your way out, with equal spacing between each frame. This is a great way to create a focal point in a bedroom or in a hallway.

- If you want to look like an expert, whatever you do, don’t just hang a new picture on a nail just because it’s there!’

We have more artwork arriving in store throughout the week, so pop in and see what you could add to your collection.


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*compared to the RRP. Products vary per store.