Naturals February 2020

Living the bohemian dream


A wardrobe full of floaty white things, something akin to a PHD in yoga and a never-ending supply of rattan baskets – the life of a boho babe doesn’t sound too bad at all. But if you want to score maximum bohemia points, there are a few necessities… 
• Ceramics. We’re talking jugs, tea pots, bowls, vases, plates that look like they’ve just been unpacked from your last trip to Bali.
• Textile wall hangings. Preferably above your bed.
• A Himalayan salt lamp. For the vibes.
• A bowl of crystals – no self-respecting bohemian would be without. If you’re after ‘spiritual growth’ (and why wouldn’t you be) you’ll need a chunk of lepidolite.
• Several rattan baskets. Look, we don’t know why you need so many either – you just do.
• Bumpy woven rugs made out of natural fibres only (ONLY).
• Fringed things. Anything with fringing on. If it has fringing, you should probably buy it.