Workspace - July 2019

Productivity enhancing homeware


Whether you’re into Bauhaus or Baroque, our home office essentials are so irresistible, you can create a space that you’ll never want to leave. Here’s what your agenda could look like...


8am – you’re already at your desk because your office chair is so lush and comfortable, it’s almost like being in bed. Aaaaaah.

11am – time for coffee, but not before you’ve polished your new desk. You caress it with a duster, thanking it for being so strong, stylish and sturdy. 

2pm – you water the plants. Not only do they keep you company, looking cute in their stylish pots, they promote productivity (it’s a fact).

4:45pm – you’re almost done for the day so you tidy away your colourful stationery before glancing up to admire your wall art one more time.