When the sun decides to make a long-awaited appearance, there’s nothing like a good picnic. But aside from the obvious (a delish selection of sarnies and snacks), you’ll need a few essentials...

Pick up a picnic rug
First thing’s first – a nice blanket to sit on. Not only does it make the whole thing a lot more comfortable, it helps you avoid those pesky ants too.

Collect your condiments
Mustard, ketchup and mayo might not be top of the picnic list, but they’ll liven up a pork pie no end. Stock up on mini reusable storage pots so you can easily transport each one.

Fill up a flask
The only thing we know for sure about the great British summer is that it’s unpredictable. Keep your cuppa warm and your lemonade ice cold with a couple of our stainless-steel flasks.

Invest in ice packs 
No-one likes a soggy sarnie or a sweaty packet of ham, so keep everything cool and fresh with a couple of our handy ice packs.

Factor in a fly swat
Juuuust as you’re about to tuck in, the flies/wasps/bees descend. With a fly swat in one hand and scotch egg in the other, you can bat them off as you chomp.

Get the games in
Once the food has been scoffed and the flies have been diverted to someone else’s picnic, a game of bat and ball is the perfect way to work off those pork pies.


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